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CPU LLC. exhibited at the 40th Annual AFMS Short Course Show in Lafayette, LA. April 9th and 10th! For more information, go to


CPU LLC. releases Operations Software Suite version 12.2, Jan. 18th, 2019 with great new features such as updated Dashboard, updated web features and much more!.


CPU LLC. releases Operations Software Suite version 12.1 September 3rd, 2018 with great new features such as Active Directory Integration and much more!.

Computerized Processes Unlimited, LLC. (CPU® LLC) has been a leading solution provider of SCADA and Measurement Solutions since 1985 and offering it's best-in-breed Operations Software Suite (OSS) since 2010. OSS is the best solution to connect the Control Room to the Board Room!

Operations Software Suite

OSS is the only solution that provides a full stack of off-the-shelf technology that handles everything from the device to Business Intelligence Dashboards. OSS offers many solutions for Oil and Gas Production, Midstream, Water-Wastewater, Power and Utilities and much more! And all of this is offered as both an Owned system or as a Cloud or SaaS system!

CPU's Operations Software Suite contains:

RelationalSCADA® for all of your SCADA requirements,
eFCAS Measurement for all Measurement needs,
Corporate Reporting to report on everything SCADA and Measurement plus anything else required,
Enterprise Data Collection to collect data from thousands of devices of all kinds,
Remote Monitoring and Cloud capability.

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